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Sustainable Agriculture

By 2050, there will be 10 billion people inhabiting the earth, almost 2.2 billion more than today.

In order to ensure food security for everyone in the future, namely to feed these almost 10 billion people, Bayer believes sustainable agriculture will be key. Sustainable agriculture is best achieved by collaborating in the areas of research, education and training. Bayer contributes to this with integrated crop solutions and proactive stewardship and partnerships, which support farmers in managing their farm profitably, while simultaneously preserving the environment. For example, we are engaged in programs such as "Agricultural Education: Dialogue with Youth" and the "Bayer Bee Care Program."

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Ten billion people require a solution. Bayer’s answer is sustainable agriculture.


Digital Farming

Digital farming is comprised of the act of connecting and gathering field data information on crop conditions by using digital instruments such as sensors and satellites. This technological advancement offers farmers faster and more precise ways of crop monitoring and decision-making. Precise and real-time crop monitoring data and soil health analyses are examples that can simplify their decision-making process. Farmers have the possibility to assess the upcoming harvest’s yield, manage a variety of inputs and react to certain changes earlier, in order to prevent potential losses. These positive effects can result in more efficiency and increased yields that in turn may benefit a farmer’s financial situation. They also increase the sustainability of farming, as well as global food security.

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Anthony and Diane Staatz are the owners of Koala Farm in Gatton – a vegetable region located 90 km west of Queensland’s capital Brisbane, on the Australian East Coast

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