Digital Farming to Optimize and Improve Yields in a Sustainable Way

Accelerating Digital Farming

Scientific and technological advances are opening up new possibilities for farmers around the world.

The concept of Digital Farming is derived from the trend of the so-called Internet of Things and is focused on improving the decisions that farmers have to make in their daily farm operations.

Initial developments in Digital Farming have already made significant improvements to agriculture – for example:

  • GPS has made it possible to have self-controlled farm machines rolling over the fields; and
  • At the same time these machines generate yield maps or maps that represent the varying plant health within a plot.

However, this information must also be refined since many data sources such as satellite imagery and weather data are difficult to interpret and not very helpful in their raw form. Only the automated processing of these data and their combination and interpretation opens up their full benefits.

We believe the agriculture market is expected to see an extension in the business model and new ways to interact with farmers at farm and field level. A combined Monsanto and Bayer will be well positioned to create a leading platform in the Digital Farming industry and advance the development of new technologies in this space.

We expect that the combined business will greatly contribute to superior offerings being available to farmers in the years to come. In specific by offering:

  • A leading digital platform with direct grower access;
  • Best in class data analytics and reporting;
  • Complementary agronomic knowledge and advanced modelling; and
  • Broad scientific and commercial partnering network.

We believe that, together, we can achieve significant progress – if we align ourselves behind shared goals, discuss our options and contribute ideas that lead to tangible, sustainable solutions.

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Shaping the Future of Farming 

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