Bayer: Turning Scientific Findings into Innovative Solutions

Our History of Innovation

In the last century, Bayer started on a journey which would in time significantly improve food supply and change the world of farming forever. Bayer is developing and enhancing its solutions for growers addressing the centuries-old problem of diseases and pests.

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Right from the earliest days, Bayer has been at the forefront of innovation. It all started with a friendship between two men, plenty of natural curiosity and two kitchen stoves.

Businessman Friedrich Bayer and dyer Johann Friedrich Weskott used these to conduct experiments and eventually discover how to make the dye fuchsine. On August 1, 1863, they founded the "Friedr. Bayer et. comp." company in Wuppertal-Barmen, a 19th century startup with tremendous potential.

Over the last century, our scientists in crop science have discovered new chemical classes and new active ingredients which have provided alternate modes of action enabling control of resistant pests and diseases, increased efficacy and generally improved environmental and safety profiles.

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